Akutami Gege

Gege Akutami ( (あくた) () () () Akutami Gege?), born February 26, 1992, is a Japanese manga artist best known for creating Jujutsu Kaisen and it's prequel, Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical School.


In 2014, Akutami created Kamishiro Sōsa (神代捜査 (カミシロソウサ) ?), a 45 pages oneshot, that was published in the Jump Next 2014 vol.2 issue.

The next year, 2015, Akutami created another 43 pages oneshot named No.9 (No.9 (ナンバーナイン) ?), in the Jump Next 2015 vol2. issue. Same year, a new version of No.9 (No.9 (ナンバーナイン) ?) oneshot (47 pages) telling a different story, was published in the Weekly Shonen Jump 2015-46 issue.

In 2016, Akutami created a new 47 pages oneshot Nikai Bongai Barabarjura ( () (かい) (ぼん) (がい) バラバルジュラ?), was published in Weekly Shonen Jump 2016-44 issue. The oneshot was part of Jump's Golden Future Cup as entry #5.

The following year (2017), Akutami started its first serialization with Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical School (東京都立呪術高等専門学校 (とうきょうとりつじゅじゅつこうとうせんもんがっこう) ?), in Jump GIGA 2017 vol.1 issue. The series was meant to be a short one and continued until 2017 vol.4 issue. The series was about a cursed child who entered in a magical school in order to free himself of the curse and help others in similar situations.

In 2018, due to the good reception of the his previous series, a full serialization of the series was granted, starting in Weekly Shonen Jump 2018-14 issue. The series was titled Jujutsu Kaisen (呪術廻戦 (じゅじゅつかいせん) ?) and was direct sequel to his previous work. The story was about a boy who entered a magical school in attempt to collect and kill all the parts of a powerful cursed spirit.


  • Kamishiro Sōsa (神代捜査 (カミシロソウサ) ?) (2014) Jump Next 2014 vol.2 Issue (oneshot)
  • No.9 (No.9 (ナンバーナイン) ?) (2015) Jump Next 2015 vol.2 Issue (oneshot)
  • No.9 (No.9 (ナンバーナイン) ?) (2015) Weekly Shōnen Jump 2015-46 Issue (oneshot)
  • Nikai Bongai Barabarjura ( () (かい) (ぼん) (がい) バラバルジュラ?) (2016) Weekly Shōnen Jump 2016-44 Issue (oneshot)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical School (東京都立呪術高等専門学校 (とうきょうとりつじゅじゅつこうとうせんもんがっこう) ?) (2017) Jump GIGA 2017 vol.1 - 2017 vol. 4 (series)
  • Jujutsu Kaisen (呪術廻戦 (じゅじゅつかいせん) ?) (2018) Weekly Shōnen Jump 2018-14 Issue - Ongoing (series)