Megumi Fushiguro ( (ふし) (ぐろ) (めぐみ) Fushiguro Megumi?) is the deuteragonist of Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a first-year student at the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College.


Megumi and a tall dark-haired boy stuck out, light green eyes. He wears the standard uniform of Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College which consists of a long-sleeved shirt and a high collar of dark color, dark trousers and shoes.


He is a calm fellow who seldom exalts himself. He is serious and focused when I send him a mission. He is intelligent and strategist studying the movements of the enemy to counter-attack quickly and efficiently. He is modest and prefers not to give it all until he is annoyed. He's the type who prefers strong-willed girls who show no weakness


He was sent to Sugisawa Third High School to deal with an incident of appearance of empty spirits and curses drawn by the macabre presence of one of Sukuna's fingers, going up there he sees that the deposit where the finger was was opened and someone took the finger, knowing this he went looking for the finger then he splashed the school sees several curse around as he splashed him a boy passes by him is he feels the presence of Sukuna's finger then follows him to the hospital where he discovers that the name he and Idadori Yuuji, then asked him to return his finger, but the finger was with his colleagues who were the seal that sealed his finger which attracts several brawny spirits that attack them. When they get there they have to deal with various curses that attack them so Megumi summons his shikigamis Jade hound that kills the curses opening the way to the friends of Itadori, on arriving there he sees that they were caught by the cursed spirits and quickly kills them, when it catches the seal something falls from the ceiling on them but they deviate then comes that it was a giant almond-shaped spirit that catches Megumi that hurls it out of the estate which causes him several damages then Itadori tries to protect it but if it hurts also then it swallows the finger of Sukuna and is possessed by the same that fights against the maddened spirit and the defeat empton him and interceptadao by Gojo that asked to come with them but it denies and attacks it then Gojo knocks him and they the elvanto of custodia


Strength: He is strong enough to be able to injure a low-ranking curse and can even defeat him with few strokes

Durability: It has a high resistance and can withstand if thrown through a wall on the top of a building and presents few injuries.

Magic: Even though he is a student, he demonstrates enough magic ability to summon and control Shikigamis apart from his shadow and can use them in different ways.

  • Jade Hounds ( (ぎょく) (けん) Gyokuken?)[1]: Fushiguro created 2 black and white Shikigami wolfs that chase and devour curses.[2]
  • Chimera ( (ぬえ) Nue?)[3]: An owl-like Shikigami that can fly. Strong enough to carry a human, his offensive abilities are mostly dive attacks from the sky.
  • Monster Serpent (大蛇 (オロチ) Orochi?)[4]: A giant snake Shikigami, that can be used as surprise attack coming out of the ground and binding the opponent.
  • Toad ( () () Gama?)[5]: A multiple large toads, that using their tongue can pin an opponent and hold him down.[6]
    • Bottomless Well ( (せい) (てい) () (らず) Seiteishirazu?)[7]: using a combination of 2 Shikigami: Toad and Chimera, the toads gain wings and the ability to fly.


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