Yuji Itadori ( (いた) (どり) (ゆう) () Itadori Yūji?) is the main protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a first-year at Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College.


Itadori Yūji is a young man with a light colored, spiked hair


Itadori possesses a strong desire to help other people and shares a great deal of empathy with others, despite how deep or shallow his connection to them are. He cares greatly for the "value of a life" and to this end he will ensure that people get a "fair death".

He is also considered by his peers to be a bit more than dense and considered to be a person who doesn't give up easily. Despite this outwards appearance he tends to doubt his own strength and will, believing himself to be weaker than most believe him to be. Itadori is a fair man who cares greatly for not only his comrades, but anyone he views as people with their own wills.

He is easy to anger, especially in the face of pure cruelty and unfair judgement of other people, but doesn't easily show the same kind of intensity when that cruelty is aimed for him.



Strength: He possesses a superhuman strength, able to destroy walls without any problem, besides being able to throw a throwing ball with enough force to knead a soccer ball.

Durability: It has a resistance on human supporting several strokes and still being able to fight, it also manages to lose a hand without showing much pain.

Speed: He has a great speed able to follow Mahito's movements a powerful and fast curse

Magic: Even though he is only a student, he has ability with the mastery of magic to stay in the same control over distractions, he uses his magic mainly reinforcing his punches increasing their impact.


Slaughter Demon ( () () () Tozama?)[1]: A charm weapon with magical power within, effective against curses. It was destroyed by a powerful curse.[2]


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